Etias Visa Waiver Programme

Will ETIAS Approval be Mandatory?

  • Posted on 21 Sep, 2020
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Which travellers will need the visa waiver for travel to Europe’s Schengen Area September 2020 - If you are planning travel to Europe any time in the future, it is important to note that travel authorisation will be changing for many individuals around the world. The Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ETIAS) will be required to travel to the Schengen Area of Europe unless your travel requires a visa. For the average leisure traveler,… more

Enjoy ETIAS approved travel to Lake Bled

ETIAS Travel to Europe: Know Before You Go

  • Posted on 05 Sep, 2020
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A quick guide to documents, etiquette, money, and more Europe is home to stunning architecture, world-class sports teams, amazing food, and welcoming people. The Schengen area in particular (an easy-to-travel region of 26 European countries) holds such diversity in geography, language, and culture that it would take a lifetime to see it all. Ready to start exploring? Here is a breakdown of what you need to know and do before traveling to… more


10 Places You Need to Visit in the Schengen Area

  • Posted on 19 Feb, 2020
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  Tivoli Gardens in Denmark Don’t be fooled by the name: this isn’t your average backyard garden. Tivoli Gardens is a fantastic amusement park. Because it’s also the second-oldest amusement park in the world, it’s also a historical site. It’s over 150 years old!   This park operates year-round. No matter what time of year it is, there are rides to enjoy. You can also get some of the best food in Copenhagen from fast gourmet eatery Tivoli… more


Brexit and ETIAS

  • Posted on 05 Nov, 2019
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On June 23rd of 2016, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU). The separation is known as Brexit, named for Britain's exit from the EU. The EU and the United Kingdom have agreed to a transition process of 21 months -- from 29 March 2019 until the end of 2020 -- before the country leaves the member bloc completely. Prime Minister Theresa May postponed a December 11th vote to pass "the deal" that the UK and EU have… more


ETIAS to Complement Existing Information

  • Posted on 05 Nov, 2019
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According to the European Commission, ETIAS will integrate with and complement existing security databases, such as the as Schengen Information System (SIS), as well as those still in development like the Entry Exit System (EES). The EES will allow authorities to get a closer look at cross-border movement and travel history data. ETIAS, the European Travel and Information System set to roll out in January 2021, will help keep Europe's Schengen… more